What is Pain Management?

It is a medical approach for reducing pain and improving the quality of life of those individuals whose lives are interrupted by pain. Pain can be experienced daily or at intervals, and the treatments for each will vary. A pain management specialist is able to determine the source of pain and treat it accordingly with an approach that is unique for each patient, depending on a patient’s pain and medical history. If the source of the pain is unable to be resolved with treatment, the focus will be on relieving the painful symptoms. Treatment may include short or long term pharmacology measures, interventional procedures, physical therapy, psychological evaluation and sugical intervention.

Spine & Neuro Pain Specialists is a multi-disciplinary practice providing interventional pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Patients receive exceptional treatment in a consistent and caring manner from our highly-trained and experienced staff. In addition, patients benefit from our on-site procedure room with conveinent procedure times and comfortable environment. We are in network with most major insurances and are happy to assist with all authorizations.

Conditions We Evaluate and Treat

1. Neck Pain

2. Low Back Pain

3. Pinched Nerves/Radiculopathy

4. Sciatica

5. Peripheral Neuropathy/Polyneuropathy

6. Shingles Pain

7. Disc pain

8. Headaches

9. Myofascial Pain Syndrome/Trigger Points

10. Pain of the Coccyx (tailbone)

11. Post-thoracotomy Pain Syndrome

12. Failed Low Back Syndrome

13. Post Lumbar Laminectomy Pain Syndrome

14. Whiplash

15. Tennis/Golfers Elbow

16. Plantar Fascitis

17. Bursitis

18. Joint Pain

19. Intercostal Neuralgia

20. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

21. Chronic Arachnoiditis

22. Spinal Stenosis

23. Spondylosis

24. Sacroiliac Joint Pain

25. Spinal Compression Fractures

26. Occipital Neuralgia

27. Disc Herniations

28. Facet Syndromes

29. Tendonitis/tendonopathy

30. Chronic Chest Wall Pain

31. Chronic Abdominal Pain

32. Piriformis Syndrome

33. Phantom Limb Pain

34. Spasticity

35. Dystonia

36. Nerve Pain

37. Mid Back Pain

38. Epidural Lipomatosis

39. Muscle Spasms

40. Lumbago

41. Low back Strains

42. Repetitive Stress Injuries

43. Work Related Injuries

44. Auto Accident Injuries

45. Spinal Cord Stimulator Management

46. Intrathecal Pump Management

47. Sacral Insufficiency Fractures


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